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Hubmark Becomes Authorized Partner with Zoho

Hubmark - Zoho Patnership

Kingston, Jamaica – April 29, 2024 – Hubmark, a brand development company founded in March 2018, announces a significant milestone as it becomes an Authorized Partner with Zoho, a pioneering SaaS company. This achievement positions Hubmark as the only Zoho-authorized partner in Jamaica, offering cutting-edge data privacy solutions to clients across various industries.

Under the leadership of Jahmone Salmon, Chief Executive Designer, and Howayne Harvey, Resource and Planning Designer, Hubmark has expanded its reach from its roots in Jamaica to serving clients in Trinidad and Tobago, the United States, and Colombia. This strategic partnership with Zoho marks a new chapter in Hubmark’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions while upholding the
highest standards of data protection. 

“The timing of our partnership with Zoho is particularly significant as Jamaica implements its new Data Protection Act,” stated Jahmone Salmon. “With Zoho’s suite of applications and tools, including its robust data privacy features, we are well-equipped to help businesses comply with the regulations and safeguard sensitive information.” Zoho, known for being the first bootstrapped SaaS company to achieve 1 billion USD in annual revenue without venture capital, boasts over 700,000 customers globally and is a direct competitor to tech giants like Microsoft and Google in providing comprehensive office suites and applications.

“We are excited to be the only authorized Zoho partner in Jamaica,” added Howayne Harvey. “This partnership not only enhances our portfolio but also allows us to offer our clients world-class solutions for data security and privacy, aligning perfectly with the evolving regulatory landscape.” With Hubmark’s new status as an Authorized Partner, clients can expect enhanced support, specialized services, and access to Zoho’s cutting-edge technologies tailored to their unique business needs. Hubmark can now offer Zoho One Products, a status achieved through a demonstrable ability to maneuver multiple Zoho applications and successfully implement them for clients during its probationary period which lasts for 8 months.

About Hubmark:

Hubmark is a Jamaican brand development company who’s our mission is to empower every Micro Business in the LATAM and the Caribbean to achieve more through effective Branding, Marketing, and Information Technology. As the Innovative Hub for brand development, Hubmark specializes in delivering solutions that harness cutting-edge technologies, empowering Micro Businesses to unlock their full potential and excel in their industries. Hubmark’s flagship product is the business kit subscription which provides micro-businesses with 20 hours of service towards branding, marketing, and information technology.  

About Zoho:

Zoho is a leading provider of SaaS applications and cloud-based productivity tools, catering to over 700,000 customers across 150-plus countries. With a comprehensive suite of solutions ranging from CRM and office productivity to finance and HR, Zoho empowers businesses of all sizes to streamline operations, enhance collaboration, and drive growth.

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Jahmone Salmon

Jahmone is the CED for Hubmark. He is passionate about Branding, Marketing and IT Services