As Jamaica gears up for the local government elections on February 26, 2024, a noticeable
surge in technology, social media, and digital platforms has become an integral part of the
political landscape. Speculating on this trend, it’s clear that candidates and counselors aiming to
resonate with the younger generation must harness the power of social media.

The Digital Shift in Jamaican Elections

In the midst of campaign rallies and community engagements, the influence of technology has
become undeniable in Jamaica’s political sphere. In particular, social media has emerged as a
formidable tool for candidates and counselors to connect with voters, especially the
digitally-savvy younger demographic.

Connecting with the Youth

Recognizing the changing landscape, it’s crucial for candidates to establish a strong online
presence. Social media platforms offer a direct channel to engage with the younger generation,
share policies, and address concerns in real-time. From Facebook to Instagram, the potential to
amplify a candidate’s message is vast.

Taking an Action Plan

As you navigate the digital wave of this election season, consider trying out services such as
Hubmark’s Business Kit Plus to boost your digital presence. In today’s marketing landscape,
your online visibility is just as crucial as your efforts offline.


Jahmone Salmon

Jahmone is the CED for Hubmark. He is passionate about Branding, Marketing and IT Services